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Automate your financial data entry and analysis to reduce cost up to 30%. Our AI extracts, enriches, and visualise data from documents and databases real time, enhancing decision-making for your business. 

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Our advanced OCR technology is designed to seamlessly extract data from a wide range of financial documents, including e-statements, invoices, receipts, and purchase orders in JPEG or PDF format.

Our OCR system excels in capturing critical information across various document types:

    1. Invoice/Receipt: You can rely on our OCR to accurately extract key details, such as the merchant’s profile, line items, and payment information.

    2. Bank Statement: Our technology effortlessly retrieves essential data, including the account holder’s information, transaction records, and current balance.

    3. Purchase Order: For purchase orders, our OCR captures crucial data such as buyer and seller profiles, line item specifics, and shipment details with precision.

Yes. We can assist you to integrate OCR results into your existing business process system. 

Our OCR system offers versatile export options to meet your specific needs. You can effortlessly export data to XLS (Excel) for comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

Additionally, our platform enables seamless integration with accounting software by exporting data in compatible templates.You also have the flexibility to relabel OCR results, ensuring accurate and customized data for your financial records.

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