Bank Statement OCR

Capture, extract, and categorize bank statement into structured data within seconds.


Bank Statement OCR

Bank Statement OCR software supports efficient financial management by automating the extraction of transaction details, account balances, and other critical financial information. Ideal for use in accounting, finance, and auditing, it enhances productivity and ensures accurate financial record-keeping.


How does Bank Statement OCR work?


Upload the Document

Easily upload documents of various formats, such as PDF, JPG, or PNG.


Extract the Data

Our OCR quickly and precisely extracts data from documents. With an editable accessibility dashboard, OCR reading results become more accurate.


Export the Document

Export OCR results to XLS format or seamlessly integrate into accounting platforms such as Xero, Jurnal, and Quickbooks.

Bank Statement OCR


Fields that can be extracted

Our dashboard efficiently categorizes data by specific fields and line items.

Bank statement OCR
Flat fields
Line items


Why choose Fintelite’s Bank Statement OCR?

A comprehensive document handling solution that improves the effectiveness of workflows.

Automated Data Extraction

Automatically extracts data from bank statements, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the potential for human error.

Enhanced Accuracy

Improves the precision of financial analysis and accounting by ensuring that data from bank statements is accurately captured and recorded.

Streamlined Reconciliation Process

Facilitates quicker and more accurate reconciliation of accounts by matching transactions on bank statements with internal records.

Improved Financial Management

Enables more timely and accurate financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting by providing faster access to bank statement data.

Fraud Detection

Aids in the early detection of discrepancies and potential fraudulent activities by ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded and easily reviewable.

Real-Time Financial Insight

Provides businesses with up-to-date financial information, enabling better cash flow management and decision-making.

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