Tax Invoice OCR

Automates the extraction of key tax-related data from invoices, facilitating accurate tax reporting and compliance while streamlining financial processes.


Tax Invoice OCR

Tax Invoice OCR software is a cutting-edge solution designed to automate the extraction and digitalization of data from tax invoices. This powerful tool simplifies the handling of tax-related documents by converting them into editable and searchable formats. It streamlines accounting and financial processes, ensuring that critical tax invoice information, such as dates, amounts, tax rates, and vendor details, is accurately captured and integrated into financial systems.


How does Tax Invoice OCR work?


Upload the Document

Easily upload documents of various formats, such as PDF, JPG, or PNG.


Extract the Data

Our OCR quickly and precisely extracts data from documents. With an editable accessibility dashboard, OCR reading results become more accurate.


Export the Document

Export OCR results to XLS format or seamlessly integrate into accounting platforms such as Xero, Jurnal, and Quickbooks.



Fields that can be extracted

Our dashboard efficiently categorizes data by specific fields and line items.

Flat fields
Line items


Why choose Fintelite’s Tax Invoice OCR?

A comprehensive document handling solution that improves the effectiveness of workflows.

Automated Data Capture

Streamlines the extraction of key details from tax invoices, such as dates, amounts, and vendor information, reducing the need for manual entry.

Increased Accuracy

Significantly lowers the risk of human error in data transcription, ensuring more precise accounting and financial records.

Efficiency Boost

Saves considerable time and labor in processing tax invoices, allowing teams to focus on more critical tasks.

Enhanced Document Management

Converts paper-based tax invoices into digital formats, simplifying storage, retrieval, and management while reducing physical storage needs.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with existing accounting and ERP systems, ensuring consistent data flow and reducing the risk of data silos.


Adapts to varying volumes of tax invoices, supporting business growth without necessitating a proportional increase in manual processing efforts.

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