Fintelite Analytics

Supercharge your underwriting 10x faster with bank statement analyzer.

Various documents and photos ready to be automatically processed



OCR feature to help you extract information from e-statement, certificate of ownership documents, Invoice.


Financial Data Enrichment

In-depth analysis of transaction data and and collateral data. 



Detect fraud and understand your customers health from their bank statement  and collateral value from our dashboard.

More About Our Features

Extract key data from documents in 3 seconds

Fintelite OCR+ helps your to digitize documents 10x faster than human and help you reduce cost up to 35%.

  1. Manually processing data from various type of documents Manual processing of  financial document data  is not only tedious but also prone to errors.
  2. Digitizing financial data with our OCR A streamlined  solution to extract key data points from financial documents faster and more accurately.

In-depth analysis of your customers

Our financial data enhancement module assists in gaining insights into customers’ transaction behavior, debt status, and potential internal transactions.

  1. Bank statement Categorization We categorize each entry from your e-statement bank summary to understand your transaction patterns within milliseconds.
  2. Risk Flags Our system can detect ATM withdrawals, spending on the weekends, internal transactions and other risk flags.

Bank Statement Analyzer Dashboard

Detect fraud and your customers’ health in minutes with our bank statement dashboard.

Summary of potential fraud and health  
We parse, categorize transactions, detect fraud from bank statement and display it on the dashboard that can be exported right away to your system.

Vehicle Analysis Dashboard

AI-driven collateral assessment

  1. Analyze data from documents and photos We categorize each entry from your
    e-statement bank summary to understand your transaction patterns within milliseconds.
  2. Estimate market price of the vehicle Based on our AI damage assessment, we will get the result percentage of fit to drive. Our system then will calculate the price based on the On The Road (OTR) of the month multiplied by the fit to drive percentage.

Use Case Lending


  • AO received data and send to admin
  • Risk team manually input and cleanse the data
  • Risk team  detect fraud and analyze  the data
  • Risk team make credit decisions 


  • AO upload to the dashboard
  • Fintelite system digitize the  data, cleanse data, detect fraud, give brief summary on dashboard
  • Download and review the data to make decisions
  • Excel
  • Json