Transaction Enrichment API

Have your transaction data processed, enhanced, and returned in under 50ms

How our Transaction Enrichment API works


Data clean-up and


Data tagging


Data visualization and analysis

Fintelite Categorization Module

Our unique machine learning model is employed to categorized transactions into 18 spending and income categories, such as
shopping, food and beverage, loan, insurance, investment, and others.

We have trained our model with 500,000+ customers and more than 1 million transactions data.

Our impact on banks and fintechs KPI

We have trained more than 1 million data sets to advance AI in the financial industry.

Peer to Peer Lending Company

Our statement analyzer tool shortens loan underwriting process by 50%

Digital Bank

Our AI money management tool helps digital banks user to save 20% more money

Accounting & Expense Management

Shorten manual transaction tagging work to seconds with our enriched data

Bank Digital

We increase cross seling CTR from Industry AVG of 3% to 18%

Case Study

Learn how a peer-to-peer platform uses our OCR+ and transaction enrichment to speed up their loan underwriting process.

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