Efficiently retrieve data from PDFs, word documents, and images with ease.

Effortlessly gather essential information from Word, PDF, and image files, and seamlessly transfer it to Excel, Google Sheets, and a multitude of other formats and integrations.

What does Fintelite do?

Fintelite recognizes and extracts data from Word, PDF, and image-based documents, enabling the export of this information to JSON, Excel, Xero, and Quickbook formats.

Step 1

Upload your receipts and invoices to Fintelite.

Step 2

Fintelite extracts relevant data, then uploads it to your accounting system, Excel, or JSON.

Step 3

All the necessary figures are available to you in a standardized digital format, and to ensure security, the data is stored for a duration of 7 years with encryption comparable to that used by banks.

An average human takes hours to input and analyze financial data. Say goodbye to manual data entry and elevate your end-to-end financial data processing 10x faster with Fintelite.
  • Excel
  • Json