Maximum Results for
Accounting Firms

A powerful financial data processing platform enabling you to multiply your accountant to client ratio by 10x.

Streamline your daily accounting operations effortlessly.

With OCR+ and our Categorisation API at your disposal, eliminate the need for manual data entry, verification, and account code tagging. Experience a tool that handles both import and export tasks simultaneously, allowing you to maintain control with automated approvals and notifications.

How can we help?

Automate manual data entry

Our OCR technology automatically extract data from invoices and receipts, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the chance of errors.

Save hours to label the transaction

Our categorization module can help you categorize expenses based on your company’s specific needs, without you having to label every transaction manually.

Discover cost savings

Our OCR & Categorize make it easier for you to analyze spending and identify areas where you can cut costs in less time.

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