Purchase Order OCR

Capture, extract, and parse data from Purchase Order. Instantly transform it into digital editable documents.


Purchase Order OCR

Purchase Order OCR is a transformative tool in procurement and supply chain management. This technology automates the extraction of key data from purchase orders, whether they are received in paper or digital format. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Purchase Order OCR can accurately capture critical information such as purchase order numbers, item details, quantities, prices, and vendor information.


How does Purchase Order OCR work?


Upload the Document

Easily upload documents of various formats, such as PDF, JPG, or PNG.


Extract the Data

Our OCR quickly and precisely extracts data from documents. With an editable accessibility dashboard, OCR reading results become more accurate.


Export the Document

Export OCR results to XLS format or seamlessly integrate into accounting platforms such as Xero, Jurnal, and Quickbooks.

Purchase Order OCR


Fields that can be extracted

Our dashboard efficiently categorizes data by specific fields and line items.

Flat fields
Line items


Why choose Fintelite’s Purchase Order OCR?

A comprehensive document handling solution that improves the effectiveness of workflows.

Enhanced Data Entry Efficiency

Dramatically reduces the time and effort required for manual data entry by automatically extracting information from purchase orders.

Accuracy Improvement

Significantly decreases the likelihood of human error in data transcription, ensuring higher accuracy in order processing and inventory management.

Cost Reduction

Cuts operational costs associated with manual data entry, including labor costs and the potential costs of correcting errors.

Streamlined Workflow

Automates the capture and integration of purchase order data into supply chain management systems, streamlining operations.

Improved Vendor Relationship

Facilitates faster and more accurate order confirmation and processing, leading to better relationships with suppliers.

Audit and Compliance Readiness

Helps maintain accurate and accessible records of all purchase orders, supporting compliance with financial and regulatory requirements.

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